Purple Corn “Healthy Food”

Purple Corn treat diabetesPurple corn or in Spanish known as maiz morado is one type of corn varieties are still popular, especially in Canada.

Purple corn cultivated in South America, especially in the Andes. Purple corn seed has been used by local residents as dyes as well as drinks. Continue reading

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Guide for Tomato Cultivation

Tomato Farming Agriculture GuideThe tomato fruit vegetable most favored by everyone because it feels good, fresh, and slightly acidic. In addition, after the old tomatoes and red merupkan source vit. A, vitamin C, and a little vit. B. The content of vit. A was higher 2-3 times of watermelon. Subdistrict seulawah Valley is a center of production of tomatoes in Aceh Besar district which serves as a buffer tomato production in this area. The condition of the application of technology to the production of tomatoes in this area are generally more or less similar to tomato growers in the central highlands. District of Okanagan seulawah with a variation in altitude of 300 s / d 812 m above sea level, while the Hill District of variation in altitude 620 s / d 1,192 m above sea level. Agroklimat circumstances and the suitability of land is different, giving rise to different preferences on tomato fruit quality of both these areas. Continue reading

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The Concept of Organic Farming

System Theory Organic FarmingOrganic farming is an agricultural system that aims to maintain harmony (harmony) with natural systems, to utilize and develop as much as possible the natural processes in farm management. Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulator and other stimulants that contain artificial chemicals. In other words, organic agriculture a farming system that does not use artificial chemicals; embody the attitude and behavior of life that respects nature; and believes that life is a gift of God that must be preserved. Continue reading

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