Guide for Tomato Cultivation

Tomato Farming Agriculture GuideThe tomato fruit vegetable most favored by everyone because it feels good, fresh, and slightly acidic. In addition, after the old tomatoes and red merupkan source vit. A, vitamin C, and a little vit. B. The content of vit. A was higher 2-3 times of watermelon. Subdistrict seulawah Valley is a center of production of tomatoes in Aceh Besar district which serves as a buffer tomato production in this area. The condition of the application of technology to the production of tomatoes in this area are generally more or less similar to tomato growers in the central highlands. District of Okanagan seulawah with a variation in altitude of 300 s / d 812 m above sea level, while the Hill District of variation in altitude 620 s / d 1,192 m above sea level. Agroklimat circumstances and the suitability of land is different, giving rise to different preferences on tomato fruit quality of both these areas.

Classification of tomato plants

  • Division: Spermatophyta (seed plants)
  • Sub Division: Angiospermae (seed plants closed)
  • Class: Dicotyledoneae (seed plants and split into pieces two)
  • Order: solanales (Tubiflorae)
  • Family: Solanaceae
  • Genus: Lycopersicon
  • Species: Lycopersicon esculentum Mill / Solanum lycopersicum L

Tomato Plant Morphology

The tomatoes have a taproot to grow through both ground and root fibers growing spread to one side. Stems of tomato plants rectangular to rounded, soft-stemmed but quite strong, hairy or smooth-haired and between the feathers are glandular hairs. On the stem segments have thickening and the bottom segment is growing short roots. Besides tomatoes can be branched stems of plants and branches of larger diameter when compared with other types of vegetable crops. Tomato plant leaves are oval jagged leaf edges and form cracks pinnate and slightly curved inward. Green colored leaves and is a compound leaf odd numbered about 3-6 cm. Among the large-sized leaves usually grow 1-2 leaves are small. Compound leaves on tomato plants grow crisscross or spiral arranged around the stem of the plant. Tomato flowers are small, about 2 cm in diameter and colored bright yellow, petals 5 fruit and green are the most beautiful part of the tomato flower color is bright yellow amounted to 6 pieces. Tomato flowers are the perfect flower for pollen or pollen and anthers or head stamens formed on the same flower. Tomato fruit shape varies, depending on varieties there is a round, slightly rounded, oval and ovoid (oval).

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